Website Redesign

With a new product and new branding, SYPHT were ready to launch to market. But would the market really understand what it was saying? The data extraction market is both competitive and complex, so the look, feel and messaging needed to be clean, clear and cut-through.

Redesigned Sypht website home page
Fig 01: Case study Sypht Website Redesign
Sypht company logo
3 Months
Project Type
Website Redesign
AbstractImprove messaging and design

Demonstrate the simplicity of the offer

SYPHT was looking for a new partner to rebuild their website. The site needed to explain exactly what their company does, as simply as possible. It also needed to be highly attractive to a B2B audience, and clearly explain key features and benefits of their products . The design also needed to:

  • Drawing of a mac with charts on the screen

    Leverage Hubspot platform

  • Drawing of a checklist

    Clearly communicate product offering

  • Drawing of a desktop device next to a mobile device

    Showcase AI capabilities

  • Drawing of a password field next to a checkmark

    Encourage sign ups and scheduling demos

What we did


  • Stakeholder Workshops

  • Customer Research

  • User Journeys & Flows

  • Information Architecture

  • UX & UI Design

  • Hubspot Integration

  • Template development

  • Create digital design system

Fig 02: Project Responsibilities
3 stacked customer journey maps
Fig 03: Detailed customer journey maps

A discovery phase to gain valuable insights to prioritise needs

As with all Helium projects, the team started with an intensive research phase. This was essential to fully understand the needs of the customer in order to meet the project objectives. The team discovered key insights throughout the phase which were then used to create solid wireframes that met the needs of both customers and stakeholders.

A video call with workshop meeting notes in the background
Fig 04: Remote workshops and collaboration

Translating the offer to make it customer-centric

SYPHT’s new offering to the market was a complex subject matter, and it needed clear explanations for potential customers. Both UX and UI played a significant role in being able to explain the value of the company and their products.

Another challenge was deciding which components of the project where priority for inclusion in Phase One, so as to stay within the allocated timeframes and budget.


In-page technology demonstration

Sypht AI component demonstration
Fig 05: New in-page technology demonstration

A clear and modern website with an intuitive cms

From the first briefing, Helium worked closely with the marketing and internal development team to ensure the insights from all stakeholders were incorporated into Release 1. This was an essential collaboration to make sure critical functionalities were developed, and that the existing back-end system integrated seamlessly.

Sypht website wireframes
Fig 06: Interactive wireframes
Sypht website built with new UI
Fig 07: New UI built with their new brand guidelines

A flexible and easy to use website that reflects the brand's values

The Helium team were able to use the insights from research, workshops and UX stages to deliver a website that fully resonates with the expectations of the target audience while showcasing SYPHT values.