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The People’s Picks

The People’s Picks (TPP) is a nationwide consumer-voted awards program that invited customers to vote for Australia’s favourite ALDI products across 10 categories. Following the success of the 2019 competition, ALDI decided to launch the second edition in 2020.

The people's picks website home page
Fig 01: Case study The People's Picks
3 Months
Project Type
Campaign Upgrade
AbstractIncrease customer engagement

Significantly increase the number of votes and participants

For 2020, ALDI wanted greater participation numbers for the campaign, to build the emotional connection between their customer base and their products. Using the same voting process and microsite developed in 2019, Helium needed to refresh the site, giving it a new but familiar look. The task required introducing the new “Good Different” categories using in other marketing channels, and highlighting ALDI’s unique offering in the FMCG space.

  • Increase Engagement

  • Maintain Secure Environment

  • Build upon existing platform

  • Update site usability

What we did


  • User Journeys & Flows

  • UX & UI Design

  • Kentico Development

  • Business Intelligence

  • Secure Environment

  • EDM Design & Build

Fig 02: Project Responsibilities
Fig 03: 2019 Category page
Fig 04: 2020 Category page

Learn from last year’s competition to improve this year’s performance

This project had many stakeholders, including a number of agencies with their own responsibilities – social, media and creative. From the first briefing until the end of the competition, Helium was the main point of contact for all stakeholders. As the competition was introduced in 2019, previously collected data was used for KPI baselines. The information was also used by stakeholders to identify key lessons and helped inform Helium's recommendations aimed to increase TPP’s profile.


Penetration testing and timeline concerns limited the changes that could be made to the platform; Helium focused efforts on customer experience.

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3 People's picks products: smoked bacon, yogurt and belgian waffles
Fig 05: Voting product tiles

Increasing results while keeping the same workflow and platform

Rather than recreate the wheel for 2020, ALDI wanted to reuse the existing platform and update it with new assets while avoiding any unnecessary code changes and Penetration Testing (which would have caused significant increases to the budget and timeframes).


See it in action

Fig 06: Voting process in action

Adaptable voting platform and strategic growth plan

Helium’s long-term partnership with ALDI means we understand their key business drivers. It also means that the team at ALDI listen seriously when we make suggestions. For this year’s competition, and as a strategy for future growth, we recommended, and ALDI implemented:

  • A series of actions to increase engagement including revising the prizes and offering a larger prize to attract more people

  • Initiatives to boost the numbers of entries by using the existing ALDI channels, including a social media campaign to reach more people beyond the existing base

  • Our bespoke eDM to the ALDI Newsletter database asking them to participate in the competition.

Following an audit of the 2019 platform which had shown great results, for 2020 we decided to keep the same features and simply update it with new content. This included a new page for the Categories including lifestyle images to enhance the themes by contextualising each category e.g BBQ time, breakfast with the family.

People's picks website thank you page
Fig 07: Vote counted screen


3,954 2019
46,054 2020
Realised Growth



21,450 2019
303,640 2020
Increased Engagement



1,900 normal
4,000 new
Increased email sign ups


Unique views

0 2019
96,000 2020
EDM traffic generation


Fig 08: Record setting results

Incredible increases in the numbers and a positive impact for the brand

The People’s Picks competition generated excellent results: The number of participants increased by 1,067% (from 3,954 to 46,054). The competition has generated 303,642 comments, up from 21,450 in 2019. This is a significant increase in the amount of feedback from customers. The bespoke eDM generated 96,000 unique visitors and grew the database by over 4000 new subscribers in 2020.

With media coverage for strong visibility, ALDI re-energised an existing channel that that they use to prove the quality of their products - letting their customers show their loyalty to their best sellers.

Drawing of a phone next to a speech bubble with an exclamation point

Whoa, these numbers are crazy! - To Do: Follow up with the Helium team and see how they can do the same on our site…