Case study

myPlates Redesign

As a private organisation, myPlates has a partnership with Transport NSW to be the marketing and sales team for all government-issued personalised license plates. Working across both private and public sectors, this project had complex stakeholder management and technical requirements for delivery.

myPlates website
Fig 01: Case study myplates.com.au
6 Months
Project Type
Website Redesign
AbstractImprove UX and sales conversion

Increase conversion rates and overall sales

myPlates identified a need to replace their website, which was showing its age and not delivering the sales conversions they expected. The myPlates team’s primary objective was to improve the user experience by streamlining the shopping experience to positively impact sales.

  • Drawing of a bar graph with 3 bars in ascending order

    Increase conversion rates and sales

  • Analyse and refine user experience

  • Customer centric interface design

  • Front-end templates for easy integration

myPlates website plate selector wireframes
Fig 02: Mobile wireframes

Working collaboratively to better understand the customer experience

Helium’s UX specialists and the myPlates management and marketing teams worked closely to understand the complexities of their product offering. Through onsite meetings Helium was able to gather insights into historical customer behaviour that would help determine the future user flows. Industry research was used to define personas that would influence the look and feel of the site.


Simplify the process of product selection and pricing

Each variation to a plate — including design, content and type of vehicle — meant changes to the final pricing. Customers needed to see these updates in real-time as they explored their options, so they could avoid any checkout surprises in the final costs, leading to cart abandonment.

myPlates website plate selector filter
Fig 03: Plate order / filter plate style
myPlates website plate selector page
Fig 04: Create your plate

Front-end templates for the future with easy integration today

Helium was able to evolve the existing myPlates brand by introducing icons and new styling to modernise the website and make it more user friendly. The development of easy to integrate front-end templates was crucial to the project's success.

myPlates website plate selector checkout step with icons
Fig 05: Design styles
myPlates website mobile screenshots
Fig 06: Browse styles / checkout

A new site that packs some punch

October 2020 saw the launch of the new myPlates website to rave reviews from our client. We are now gathering the metrics to see how well the redesign improved conversion. It's safe to say that coupled with new marketing initiatives to the website, statistics are performing beyond our client's expectations. Why not take a peek yourself and help the numbers!

"Throughout the whole project, Helium has been very professional, flexible and easy to work with, delivering their tasks on time and within budget."
Michael Garas Head of IT | myplates.com.au