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With an organisation as large as Road and Maritime Services (RMS), it can be a challenge to make sure customer’s needs are always put first. Government agencies can project their organisational structures and processes into their customer interactions, leading to customer confusion and slow response times from staff. When a customer contacts the RMS, they’re typically looking to solve a single problem as quickly as possible.

RMS Feedback form component in desktop and mobile
Fig 01: Case study RMS Feedback Form
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12 Months
Project Type
Feedback Form Redevelopment
AbstractStreamline process and solve business problems

Improve a customer experience

The primary objective for this project was to review and improve the RMS customer feedback form. The client wanted to improve the user experience and have customers find the information they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible. The goal was to reduce the number of inbound phone calls to the call centre, directly reducing operational costs.

The undertaking was huge: Over 100,000 annual inquiries, needing to be addressed by one of 180 subject matter experts (SME) within the organisation.

  • Route inquiries to the Right SME

  • Analyse and refine user experience

  • Customer centric interface design

  • Front-end templates for easy integration

What we did


  • Stakeholder Workshops

  • Competitive Research

  • User Journeys & Flows

  • Information Architecture

  • UX & UI Design

  • WCAG 2.1AA

  • Web Development

Fig 02: Project Responsibilities
Group of people in a meeting Group of people in a meeting


Fig 03: Workshop Participants

Collaboration and user-testing to future proof the solution

Helium conducted an audit of the existing form and workflows, as well as looking at comparable sites both within Australia and overseas. These insights were then used to lead RMS stakeholder workshops, to establish all current and future requirements for RMS and their customers.

Helium undertook stakeholder workshops, desktop research and analytics, to developed detailed use cases, user flows and wireframes. Moderated user-testing sessions were conducted to identify issues, ensuring that the new solution improved on the existing system. With the testing successfully completed, a modern interface and intuitive flow was designed. Designs were translated into WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliant front-end templates, which were then integrated with the existing website's infrastructure.


A Simplified system for a diverse database with complex inquiries

A main challenge of the project was simplifying the process of connecting the vast customer base (water-way, road, cycling and walking path users across all of NSW) to the 180 subject-matter experts, and then surfacing accurate information given the complexity of the enquiries. Helium needed to be hyper-vigilant to the vision of simplifying the form for customers, and keeping RMS data filtering and organisational structure hidden behind the scenes.

Working with many stakeholders presented challenges in getting buy-in on information hierarchy. The Helium team needed to manage individual needs and ensure that end-user objectives were always put first.

Fig 03: Partial form wireframes

See it in action

Fig 04: Feedback form in action
NSW Roads & Maritime Services

A new form, integrated into an existing website, that’s easily adaptable for the future

Helium delivered a standalone customer feedback form that could be integrated into RMS's existing website. Helium developed the codebase to be easily updated and maintained, to incorporate any future back-office changes RMS might introduce.

Step where users can provide a location with their submission
Fig 05: Inquiry location entry
Bounce rate reduction
Phone call reduction
Fig 06: Dramatic performance improvements

An efficient feedback form can reduce costs across the board

Data and analytics show a decrease in bounce rate of 31.5% across the Contact pages and a 40.6% reduction in users going to the Phone Contacts page to log their feedback. This in turn has reduced the impact to the call centre.

"I highly recommend Helium for their high standard and professional digital work. This was a very high-profile project for the business with complex delivery and some unforeseen changes in requirements, which they handled extremely well."
Lindsay Phair Senior Digital Initiative Managers | Roads and Maritime Services