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Hi, we’re Helium!

As a business, we’re the trusted partner you knew you always needed but didn’t know existed. As a team, we’re the group that makes introducing and updating technology fun. And as people, we’re here to help.

Our Purpose

We improve business and customer interactions by helping leaders understand what customers really need and applying the right technology to provide the best experience for everyone.

But our mums still have no idea what we do

See for yourself

Our work

Fig 02: Helium portfolio
What we do

Our services

  • Strategy

    Start with the end in mind; understand the process and then develop the solution.

  • Design

    Engage your customers, navigate their journey, solve their problem.

  • Development

    Know your audience, know your outcomes, integrate the latest technology.

  • Support

    The project’s over but we’re still here to help guide you on your way.

Fig 03: Service Overview
Who we are

We are your trusted partner – an extension of your team. Combining your expertise & our digital capabilities, we are an unstoppable force.

Image of an atom with the words People, tech and design
Fig 04: Helium atom
Our why

People are our nucleus and the core of all of our decisions

At the very core of everything we do is the simple question: “How will this affect your customer?”

Every menu, click or action has the user in mind, creating an experience that’s easy to understand and navigate…memorable for all the right reasons.

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